We fly most  weekends at Temora Airport from September to April provided the weather is suitable.    We may not fly if the weather is rainy or stormy or too windy ( > 30 kph) .  Just about any sunny day is good.

During the peak gliding weather  from late November to mid February, we operate on many week days also, and in late December and January, every suitable day.

We have one two seat glider for training and member use, as well as a single seat glider for solo pilots. We launch by towing behind a powerful Pawnee tow plane.   As we are lucky enough to operate at one of Australia’s best gliding sites, we get a lot of visiting pilots bringing their gliders to Temora over summer. Pilots choose to challenge themselves with long cross country flights which can cover many hundreds of kilometers and several hours.

You can have an air experience flight with us at almost any time by arrangement with one of our trained volunteer  instructors.

An air experience flight usually takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. The $250 price includes a temporary GFA membership.

If you like the experience, you can join the club and start training  immediately.

Your training will be guided by one of our accredited instructors. They will help you progress to achieving your Glider Pilots Certificate and further challenges that advanced gliding can offer.

If you are interested please contact us by email on Air.Experience@temoragliding.org.au.   

Give us a day or two to reply as we are all volunteers.

Its a bit more difficult to provide a telephone contact number for you up front,  but after we get your email we can introduce ourselves and sort out arrangements.

You can also just turn up at the airfield, best between mid morning to lunch time. After that we might all be out flying.

If you want to see our Membership Application —Go Here

Hope we see you soon.